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Overview: Agency Serving a Vulnerable Population

In this Discussion, you will select a clinic or community agency within the community. The organization you select must serve the needs of a vulnerable population group. Research the clinic or agency to obtain a clear idea of services provided and the specific population it serves. It is not necessary for you to make an on-site visit. However, you must cite the source(s) from which you obtained the information about the clinic or community agency.

Examples of clinical or community health agencies:

Parishes Employee/Occupational Health
Infection Control in hospitals Public Health Department
Refugee Centers Child/Adult Protective Services
School Health Clinic Hospice
Halfway House: Drug Abuse, Prison, etc. Homeless Center
Public Clinics: Pediatric, Psychiatric, OB, Geriatric, Migrant, etc. Rehab Program: Cardiac, etc.
Shelters: Homeless, Women’s, etc. HIV/AIDS programs/clinics
Veterans’ agencies Adolescent Programs
Group homes for MHMR clients, etc. Support groups for cancer, sexual abuse, etc. survivors


Research the selected agency and using the APA format for the headings below, discuss:

  1. Name of agency and why you selected this agency
  2. Brief history and mission of the agency
  3. Target population the agency serves
  4. Services and programs offered
  5. What criteria (i.e. income, age, etc.) must clients meet in order to be served by the agency
  6. What you found interesting about this agency or helpful for you as a professional nurse.
  7. Cite and reference the information you report on, as appropriate

Expectations: Please post your initial response by 23:59 Wednesday of Module 5, and comment on the posts of two classmates by 23:59 Saturday.

Grading: A rubric is provided to explain the criteria for points andhow you are graded.

1 day ago

Ashley Scott

Module 5 discussion


I chose the Heart of Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation center. They help out with patients that have mental health problems as well as patients with IDD (intellectual or developmental disability) to patient with little or no insurance. They help both children and adults. One of the programs they offer is the ACT team or the Mental Health Assertive Community Treatment Team which helps to support clients that need to most intensive treatment. They visit the clients in their homes and neighborhoods to provide treatment. They provide these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The DePaul Center, which is the mental health hospital that I work for, works closely with the ACT team caseworkers as their clients are often high utilizers of our services.

HOT MHMR also has an Elder Care program for clients age 60 and over. They help seniors with their physical as well as mental health. They also have a PASSR program that helps with nursing home programs. When we transfer a patient from our inpatient facility to a nursing home, the PASSR program works with our social workers to help facilitate the admission to the nursing home.


HOT MHMR also works with a jail diversion program with the McLennan County Jail in order to assist with inmates. They work with jail staff in suicide prevention and other mental health needs of the jail inmates. In some cases, they also help inmates make arrangements for services after their release.

One of the other programs that MHMR runs, and that DePaul works closely with, is their Crisis Treatment Center or CTC. The CTC is located in the same building as DePaul and we work closely with them trying to manage indigent patients when they are in crisis. The CTC is an inpatient setting for patients that can be stabilized quickly, they are usually held for approximately 48 hours to determine their level of care needs. If their crisis has resolved, they are released back into the community, if not, they are sent for a higher level care. Sometimes, this higher level of care is at DePaul if we have a bed available, or they also send patients to Cedar Crest which is another facility in Belton, Tx.

HOT MHMR is a valuable service to our community. So many mental health and IDD patient’s don’t have insurance so it’s hard to find providers willing to follow them. Also, these patients often don’t have a very good support system, so the extra services that are offered by MHMR are a great benefit for our patients.

Retrieved from:

Heart of Texas Region MHMR. (n.d.). Retrieved March 18, 2019, from

7 days ago

Felisa Saenz

Module 5 Agency serving Vulnerable population



I selected ” Casa Del Consuelo” or Comfort House; it is a Hospice setting and serves patients diagnosed with terminal illness and for the most with no access to health care or health insurance of any type. Why comfort house? Because when I was younger I used to volunteer at this center, I also introduced my children to the good habit of volunteering, they used to visit and play video games with a patient about their age, 11 or 12 years, diagnosed with non-hodkins lymphoma, my children still remember this patient and learned to appreciate their health, care for it and be grateful for it.

Comfort house is funded by the City of Mcallen Texas, as part of United Way and accepts monetary donations from the community. Also accepts and welcomes the volunteer time of the citizens to provide care to the patients under the supervision of a Hospice Nurse. It is a small house with 10 beds only. They provide care under the ministry of love and compassion. It was introduced to me by the catholic church. The patients are assisted with basic care such as hygiene, toileting, bed mobility, feeding, medications and household duties. This center does not have a specific admission criteria but the provided service is palliative care so is known as hospice setting (Volunteer South Texas ).

Many times the target population are patients with no legal documents or legal residency in the U.S., no health insurance or family doctors. The facility has a volunteer family physcian that visits the patients at least once every week. In addition many times this center has to find funeral resources for the dying person, private donations, the county, the church and the community is asked for donations. Living in an area to close to the border with Mexico, I find the services of this center absolutely necessary.


Volunteer South Texas. A program of United Way. Changing Lives. Retrieved from





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