Air Quality and Global Warming 2 pages

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Air Quality and Global Warming

English Sources: 3 sources required

Style: MLA


Assignment description: In this final assignment, you will present your genre text, proposed as part of the coherent advocacy campaign in Assignment #3. In your paper, you (as an individual submitter) will begin with an introduction of your group advocacy topic and strategy proposed for Assignment #3. You will describe how your chosen genre will help accomplish the goal of that campaign. A major component of your grade will be based on how well your individual genre text works with the other texts in your campaign to generate a coherent message, even though you are submitting your piece individually. Next, you will include the genre text itself, and then conclude with an explanation of how your execution specifically contributes to the campaign. Therefore, you need to continue to focus on the group campaign project and how your particular genre plays a role in that, through the audience will you reach and the strategies you use. You need to be able to explain in detail how will your genre will move the campaign toward its goal. Assignment Guidelines General Outline for the advocacy project: · Introduction o Half-page to one page (single-spaced) introduction of the campaign: the topic or issue, the message, and the advocacy goal or call to action. Describe the three or four genres chosen and the strategy for their use, and identify the one you have contributed and will present in this paper. · Genre text o Your genre text goes here. o Include the text in the appropriate format, including the graphics and other visual components are generally part of that genre. · Conclusion o Explain how your particular genre text will contribute to the campaign, and how your execution of that text successfully carries out that strategy. Your paper should be formatted with 1-inch margins. Font should be legible and no larger than 12-point, with a separate Works Cited page if sources are used. Although the genres presented will vary in form and length, the submission should be the equivalent intellectual work of a 2-4 page paper.


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