All of the following were weaknesses of the Confederate Stat

All of the following were weaknesses of the Confederate States of America EXCEPT:A.the ultimate authority lay with the states and not the national governmentB.its bicameral legislatureC.the executive branch had more power than legislative and judicial branchesD.lack of cooperation from the states in collecting funds for the treasuryWhich of the following is NOT true about the effect of the Emancipation Proclamation?A.200,000 African-Americans fought for the Union.B.It prompted England and France to recognized the Confederacy.C.It freed the only the slaves in the Confederacy.D.People felt that Union victories were spreading freedom.Which of the following was NOT a war power used by Abraham Lincoln?A.He raised and maintained the Union Army.B.He instituted the use of military tribunals.C.He asked Congress for a declaration of war.D.He suspended the right of habeas corpus.Which of the following is NOT true about the Gettysburg Address?A.It eloquently made the point that the dead should not have died in vain.B.It contains the phrase ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people.’C.It made reference to the Revolutionary War.D.He made specific references to the Battle of Gettysburg.Which of the following was NOT true regarding the slave Anthony Burns?A.He obtained an education at Oberlin College.B.He was the only fugitive in the North returned under the Fugitive Slave Law.C.He performed marriages for other slaves.D.He never lived to see the emancipation of the slaves.All of the following were costs to the South after the Civil War ended EXCEPT:A.loss of slavesB.currency became worthlessC.Freedmen’s Bureau createdD.80% of cotton production wiped out

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