alymullins2password: Xq86MHvdBx you check out the work so we can come up with a price i really really need this doneyou have to click the arrow in the right hand corner where is says alyssa mullins…. once you do so a tab will drop down with all my courses…. on the side there is a paper with a check mark on it… its right below the clock…… click that and it will take you to my grades…. Find my chemistry class  and click on it after that go to upcoming and it will show you all the assignments that still need to be completed. It should be mostly quizzes that are multiple choices.after that you have to click back on where it says alyssa mullins  in the right hand corner and options will pop up with my courses  click onto chemistry  once you do that it will take you to my chemistry home page on the left hand side you should see all the chapters you can only excess the assignments from there…I have recently got a job and I have been working night shifts and its really been messing me up with my schooling and I cant afford to faillet me know on a price desperately need these done before may 15 Atomic Structure3.03 Atomic Orbitals and Electron Configurations Quiz3.04 Atomic Spectra and Quantum Mechanics QuizThe Periodic Table4.01 Arrangement Quiz4.02 Classification of Elements Quiz4.04 Ions Quiz4.05 Periodic Trends QuizElements Form Compounds5.01 Ionic Compounds Quiz5.02 Covalent Compounds Quiz5.03 Compound Structure Quiz5.04 Special Bonds Quiz5.05 Organic Chemistry Quiz

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