Analysis of the case study

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Read, analyse and understand the case below and write a 500-word essay about your opinion on the issue. Research on the causes of non-communicable diseases like: obesity, diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases as the major health problems in Oman. Give a clear definition of the terms and include relevant details and solutions that you have thought of on this issue. Provide citations from online and offline reading resources and follow the format given by the module tutor.

The Case

Omani people have free access to public health care. Government hospitals in Oman usually offer a high quality health care to treat both communicable and non-communicable diseases. World Health Organization (2015) reported that Oman has a low rate of communicable diseases. However, due to the rapid increase on people’s income, lifestyles and diets, the levels of diseases like: diabetes, obesity, and heart problems are increasing and alarming. Though Omanis have high life expectancy of 73.8, these diseases are alarming to the government that need extra attention .

Guidelines to Students:

1. It has to be written in Arial 12; 1.5 in spacing with 1.5 in all side margins

2. Encoded in A4 paper

3. Contains the following parts:

– Background of the Study

– Identification of the issue

– Steps to solve the issue (paragraph form)

– Conclusion

– Recommendation

– References


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