Analysis Paper on Women’s reproductive Health Policy.

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I am taking classes of Health Policy and Delivery Systems. The book text is Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 7th edition.

I need a:

Analysis Paper on Women’s reproductive Health Policy.

Mandatory requirements

  • Analyze and evaluate the Health Policy
  • Identify application of health policy into clinical practice.
  • Your paper must have an Introduction, body and Conclusion
  • Maximum of 6 pages (not including Title and Reference page).
  • APA format.

Use 12 pt Times New Roman.

Set 1 inch page margins.

Apply double line spacing.

Insert a running head on every page.

Indent every new paragraph ½ inch.

  • At least 5 references within 5 years. Bibliographic citations must be included in the text.

It should be written in your own words to avoid a high percentage of plagiarism.


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