Analyze the nature and purpose of respondent superior in the

Analyze the nature and purpose of respondent superior in the employment relationshipThe doctrine of respondent superior is central to the employment relationship. Please respond to all of the following prompts:Respondent superior is an axiomatic concept in employment law. As a paralegalworking in the worker’s compensation area, it is important to fullyunderstand the nature, purpose, and goals of the doctrine.Define respondent superior in the employment arena.Explain the concept of frolic and detour, and provide an example of each.Discuss whether you think respondent superior is a necessary doctrine in the employment arena? What is the public policy behind the doctrine? Do you think it is fair to the employer?Textbook used to crate information in APA format would come from this APA citation of the textbook which you would out also in the references separate page any other references have to be matched in the body of the text as well as the reference list. ALSO EVERTHING IS TIMES ROMAN 12 POINT DOUBLE SPACED AND INDENTED ON EVERY PARAGRAPH.

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