ANSWER 3 parts assignment

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Part 1: Global Marketing Journal: Countertrade: the country in the Part 1 File.

Part 2: Option A and Option B, You could choose one of them, Be specific. When you done, you need response one peer’s response.

Option A: Reflect on the reading about power. Option B: Reflect of the reading on the Point/Counterpoint “The End of Management”

Part 3: Option A or OptionB, You could choose one that You like. In Your response please be specific. Then when you done, I will provide you 2 Peer’s Response, and you need to response them, 3-5 sentences.

Option A: reading the assigned sections of the articles Tung (1984)’s “Human Resource Planning in Japanese Multinationals” OR Option B “In Thinking, Fast and Slow, you learn about several biases including the (1) availability bias, (2) anchoring effect, (3) hindsight bias, and (4) focusing illusion.


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