answer 5 writing question about organizational communication

Each answer should be a 100–150 words essay. MLA style. (Turnitin Report Required)1. Please provide some examples of communication channels (ie. email, meetings, face to face) and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.2.Explain the importance of communication in your workplace. ( I am currently a college student, my workplace is every class I take, you can just discuss the importance of communication in study in this question) 3.In Chapter 3, Frederick Taylor addressed “scientific management” how can you apply his theory to enhance communication in the workplace? ( I will attach the textbook below, the ch3 is on page 70, and the “Scientific management”is on page 73)4. Explain how the chain of command in an organization can impact the level of effective communication5.In your experience, what is the best approach to communication in your own view Can you provide some examples of how you were able to enhance communication either on a personal or professional level.
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