Answer the following questions, should be about 2 pages long.

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Here are the Questions for Chapter 13:

1. Discuss the issues associated with people who have not been diagnosed with clinical depression yet use antidepressants to enhance their mood.

2. Do social environments dictate our moods? Should clinicians account for social expectations and the recreational use of drugs when they prescribe mood enhancers?

Here are the Questions for Chapter 14:

1. Discuss the pros and cons of providing children who score highly on the Psychopathy Checklist–Youth Version (PCL-YV) with counseling as a preventative measure, regardless of whether they have committed a crime. Should the PCL-YV be administered to all schoolchildren at regular intervals?

2. Personality traits tend to stay relatively stable over time and across situations. Discuss the possibility of psychopathic tendencies in children and adolescents remaining through adulthood and resulting in criminal activity.


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