Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Cite Website URLs for outside sources.

1. Discuss the meaning of deep ecology and shallow ecology as well as the principles of each.

2. What are some of the ethical issues that have been raised by the spotted owl controversy?

3. What are the ethical arguments for allowing/disallowing domestic cats to live outside homes? In your answer, take into consideration the impact they have on indigenous species.

4. Discuss how environmental ethics can influence the decision making process for environmental laws. Provide a specific example to explain your answer.

5. Do some research on an environmental bill that is currently in Congress. Explain the bill, and discuss the ethical issues that led to the development of this bill?

6. Locate information for your region’s Department of Environmental Protection. What are some of the environmental rules and regulations that are unique to the area in which you live?

7. Choose one of the environmental issues that we have studied in this course. Discuss some of the ethical issues raised by this issue. Present both sides of the issue.

8. In this lesson, we looked at five different environmental philosophies of the relationship between the Earth and humans. Which of these philosophies best represents your ideas and values? Explain your answer.

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