Answer the three questions

Can you help me understand this Political Science question?

1. In the realist perspective, how does anarchy shape the incidence and nature of conflict and co-operation among states?

2. Explain how and why the liberalist approach is more optimistic than the realist perspective on the prospects for security in international politics?

3. How do the realist and liberalist perspectives differ on the nature of power and its role in international relations?

Responses must sufficiently correspond to the subject matter; to state the central thesis of the author; to present arguments confirming the thesis; to conclude. The main arguments should be supported by quotes or references to scientific sources or documents. Copying text without specifying a cause results in no assessment.

There is no special requirement for the workload. The record must be Word or Pages, and the file name must contain the author’s name. Footnotes and end of the text are recommended.


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