Answer these questions in complete sentences. Cite website URLs for outside sources.

1. Discuss the properties of a watershed and activities that can have a negative impact on watersheds.

2. Do some research and find a specific example of watershed management. Discuss the management strategies, programs in place and key persons involved.

3. What is meant by a watershed partnership and why it is important?

4. Identify three types of wetlands and describe each; discuss how plants and animals are identifiers for each type of wetland.

5. Discuss the relationship shared between plants and wildlife in any wetland and the important role that they serve for each other.

6. List and describe some of the ways that the wetlands are being threatened.

7. Explain why restoration of the wetlands is important and also what some of the challenges are.

8. Do some research to learn about what types of water conservation programs exist where you live. Write about what you learned.

9. Explain what the EPA’s Targeted Watersheds Program is as well as the goals of the program. Provide an example of an existing project.

10. In your opinion, what are some ways that water could be managed more efficiently to serve human and wildlife needs? Also include who you think should be responsible for this (EPA, government – federal, state or local, individuals, other, etc). Support your answer.

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