APA format 9-10 pagesCome up with a hypothetical organizatio

APA format 9-10 pagesCome up with a hypothetical organization that is faced with a significant institutional change.  Create a plan to address the rapid changes occurring in your organization through education/training. You will present this plan to the accounting department so the team members can decide how much money they should allocate to the training. If you have selected a hypothetical organization, you may identify any challenges that are reasonable given the type of organization and the community in which it is based. This assignment should follow APA format.In your plan, include the following:Description of the current situation including challengesStatement of the vision and mission for the organizationStatement of training needsList of training objectivesTimeline for implementing the training planFactors that will indicate that you have been ‘successful’  This paper must be done in APA format with abstract, headings and conclusion.  So please do not bid if you are not familiar with APA.

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