Application Steganography Search and Reconstruction Techniq

Application: Steganography Search and Reconstruction TechniquesSteganography is a type ofcryptography for digital media. A secret message can be hidden indigital pictures by changing a few of the pixel colors; this change,however, does not alter the picture’s appearance unless you look veryclosely, and sometimes you must still use special tools to detect thedifference. These changed colors represent characters that can encode asecret message. For this assignment, you will look for hidden messagesin images.       Consider the following scenario: While you were exploring a suspect’s computer, you found this list of free steganography tools: 4t HIT Mail PrivacyS-ToolsText HideXiao Steganography You also found this archive of suspicious images: Download suspicious images (zip file). You think that someone may have hidden a secret message in the files, and it is your job to find it.     Every steganography tool encodes data a little differently, and youmay have to guess at a password. In general, you can expect a good dealof trial and error when you try to match a tool to a file. Fortunately,your suspect isn’t too smart, and he or she used a different tool tohide the same secret message in each of the suspicious images. Crack anyone and you’re done. Of course, a real-life criminal could make theproblem considerably more difficult!      Prepare a 1- to 2-page report to document your findings. Include the following: A list of the tools you tried and the URL where you found them.Your general approach to the problem.The identity of the tool that found the message, and the name of the file it unlocked.The text and password of the secret message.

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