Argument Essay Planning&nbspThe topicWhy the topic is important

Argument Essay Planning The topicWhy the topic is importantWhat is your position on the topici only need that Write an argumentative essay with at least 3 sources (750-900 words)Prepare for the Argumentative Research Essay:Review the Argument Essay AssignmentRead model essays:Advocacy/Ethos/Pathos Rooney: Ethos/Logos/PathosPaine: Ethos/Logos/PathosJefferson:Ethos/LogosEvaluate and Document SourcesEvaluating Internet Sources (Why not just Google?)OWL MLA 2009 MLA format (In-text citations for direct quotes, paraphrases, and summaries.)EasyBib (Format the works cited page in MLA style.)MLA Tutorial and QuizMLA Quiz

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