Article Review on Transformational Change

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Organization transformation implies radical changes in how members perceive, think, and behave at work. These changes go far beyond making the existing organization better or fine-tuning the status quo. They are concerned with fundamentally altering the prevailing assumptions about how the organization functions and relates to its environment.

Article Review

The purpose of article reviews is to bring the current application of business management principles to the course. There is much literature from which to select your articles; however all articles must come from recognized publications, or Internet websites. You may also use the Wall Street Journal, and other publications such as Business Week, Inc., Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

The summary is to have two distinct parts, and should follow the following format:





Name of Author, “Title of Article,” Periodical, Date of Publication, pp. #’s. Include Link to the article here.

Article Summary

Briefly summarize the article focusing on the main topics. This section highlights main ideas in the article; opinions are not given here.

Relevance to the Material

State how the article relates to the materials covered that week. State the specific concept(s) and the specific chapter to which your article relates. You may state your opinions here, but it is not necessary.


Please use single space for the copy and double space between paragraphs.

Limit your summary to one typewritten page. No coversheet, please.


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