Artist Research

I don’t know how to handle this Art & Design question and need guidance.


Step 1: Find three or more articles about the artist you selected and their work. Copy a picture of at least one piece by the artist and copies of the articles you find to attach to your essay. Also cite your sources throughout the paper.

Step 2: Introduce me to the artist. Write a page about who they are.

Step 3: Write a page describing the artist’s work. Use the visual elements in your description: line, shape, mass, space, color, light, time, motion, texture and pattern. Also explain how the artist uses the principles of design in his/her work such as: Emphasis and Subordination, Unity and Variety, Contrast, Balance (symmetrical and asymmetrical), Directional Force, Repetition and Rhythm, Scale and Proportion.

Step 4: Write a paragraph describing the meaning, purpose or subject matter of the artist’s work. Is there a theme that the artist tends to deal with? How does this work fit with the theme? Is the work representational, abstract ornon-representational?

Step 5:Write a concluding paragraph describing your own opinions of the artist’s work. Step 2 should be at least 1 page long. Steps 3-4 should be at least 1.5 pages long for a total of at least 2.5 pages.

double spaced and two and 1/2 or more pages long not including attachments. If you use direct quotes, you should cite the sources of the quotes (author, title of article, name of book/magazine, name of publisher, date of publication, page number(s). You will be evaluated on the successful completion of these steps.


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