As you saw in the video clips, your work in the humanservic

As you saw in the video clips, your work in the humanservices field may take you to a variety of different environments.Frequently, professionals meet with clients in their homes, community,medical facilities, or community centers. With each environment comesdifferent strengths and challenges, including safety for both you andthe client.Thinking about what you have learned thus far in the unit, answer the following: What are the strengths and challenges of meetingwith clients in the home versus the office? In which setting do youthink the client might be more comfortable? In which setting might you,as the professional, be more comfortable?Can you think of any time or reason you would wantto meet in a different location? Where else might you meet with clients?How would you ensure confidentiality?What are some safety guidelines you might use whenmeeting with clients in different situations? How might your awarenessof safety change from location to location?

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