Assignment #1Can you assist with the following within 28 h

Assignment #1Can you assist with the following within 28 hours.Write a 5 paper discussing the use of practical project metrics, measurements, single value indicators (metric), and/or controlling variances (e.g. what facilities does Microsoft Project provide for Project Managers and Team Leaders to track progress against plan/budget?). Be sure to relate the experiences to project management concepts. This will be a minimum of five pages of text in APA format.For this assignment, at least 4 references are expected.  Do not include bullet points and Do not include this question as part of the assignment.  Please cite the sources within the text.Assistance #2Need 2 pgs within 28 hours on Earned Value Management (EVM). can EVM be applied to helpdesk projects or most IT environments? Be sure to cite all sources the information in APA format.  No bullet points please and do not add this question as part of the 2 pages of text.

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