ASSIGNMENT #1Mike Musclehead has started anew job selling gy

ASSIGNMENT #1Mike Musclehead has started anew job selling gym memberships door-to-door. Mike decides, without knowledgeof the gym owners, to add a twist; he starts selling a ‘lift-a-pound’investment program. For $100 you buy into the program and every time youincrease your maximum lifted weight, you get $1 per pound. Mike pays therewards from the money he collects as investments in the lift-a-pound program.Mike is addicted to the high life and uses part of the investment funds to buyclothes, a new car, a sweet apartment, etc. Soon enough, there are not enoughnew investments coming in to keep up with the rewards. Disappointed investors sue the gym and Mike. What claims might they have? Would the police have any interest in this matter?Why or why not?Note: Make sure to read this attached Chapter 5: CHAPTER 5 – Business, Societal & Ethical Contexts of Law BEFORE ANSWERING THE ABOVE QUESTION** 200 – 250words 100% Plagiarism free Original work*** ASSIGNMENT #2Youdecide to play a practical joke on your friend Dave. You take your handgun andload it with blanks, pretend to get mad at Dave and fire the gun at him. Sadlyfor you, you had one live round and you shoot your friend severely injuringhim. Looking at the criminal laws in your state of MICHIGAN, What crime(s) could you becharged with, and what claims could your (former) friend Dave have against youin a civil suit. How do the civil claims differ from the criminal charges?Note: Make sure to read this attached Chapter 22: CHAPTER 22 – Criminal Law & Procedure in Business BEFORE ANSWERING THE ABOVE QUESTION** 200 – 250 words 100% Plagiarism free Original work***

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