Assignment 2-1&nbspYou are to create a story for a child of 5-6

Assignment 2-1 You are to create a story for a child of 5-6 years old. You will explain the brain and its functions to them. You need to use the following terms and explain their functions in simple terms. Use the format of a story to keep the child interested, and be sure to use illustrations. Add characters (Dora, Superman etc) to make the information fun. This assignment is worth 20 points.Rubric for assignment 2-1Right Hemisphere1 PointLeft Hemisphere1 PointOccipital lobe1 PointTemporal lobe1 PointFrontal lobe1 PointParietal lobe1 PointCorpus callosum1 PointThalamus1 PointHypothalamus1 PointHippocampus1 PointBrainstem1 PointConvolutions1 PointGeneral appearance3 PointAppeal to child (simplistic explanations)3 PointIllustrations2 Point

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