Assignment 2 LASA 1 – Applying Theory to a Case StudyLog

Assignment 2: LASA 1 – Applying Theory to a Case StudyLog in to the AUO Library.  Visit the AUO LibraryVideo Playlist, “Argosy University PSY400 LASA 1 Case Study Clips,” byfollowing these steps: Launch the Online Library Click on the Find Videos button Click on Counseling and Therapy in Video Click on the playlists tab In the search playlists box type out the name “carol” (one of the names of the case studies) then click search Your results should display the “Argosy University PSY 400 LASA1 Case Study Clips” link. Select one of the four available video clips listedin that playlist.  These include the following cases:  Carol, Maria,Jeffrey, and Paul.Choose one of the following theories and use yourchosen theory and chosen video clip to complete all of the questions inthis assignment.PsychoanalyticAdlerianClient-centeredExistentialGestaltRealityWatch the video clip of a supervisor and therapistdiscussing the case you have selected.  The information from the videowill supplement the information in the write-up. Assess the client being described in the video and that client’s related issues using the questions provided.Directions:Using only one case study and one counseling theorythroughout your paper, provide a detailed response to each of thefollowing questions.  For example, if you chose Carol andPsychoanalytic Theory, you would answer all of the following questionsabout Carol using the psychoanalytic theory.Based upon all that you know about yourclient, identify and describe what in your opinion is yourclient’s most significant problem? This may or may not be thestated “Reason for referral” that is written at the start of eachprofile. Give a detailed rationale for your assessment and providesupporting evidence from the profile and/or counseling session videoclip.Identify at least two secondary problems fromthe client’s profile or video that should be addressed at somepoint in the counseling process. Explain your rationale in somedetail for choosing each of these with supporting evidence fromthe written profile and/or the video.Using your chosen counseling theory, describewhat your theory says about the possible cause or origin of theprimary problem discussed in question 1 above. Here, you aretrying to explain the assumptions your chosen theory makes aboutproblems that might be seen in a counseling situation. For exampleif you assessed your client’s primary problem as low self-esteem,a psychoanalytic therapist would delve into the unconscious whereas anAdlerian would explore family history and a reality therapistwould look at choices the person has previously made. Explain indetail by including concepts and terms from your chosen counselingtheory to support your perspective.Explain at least three counseling techniquesor core principles from your chosen counseling theory that couldbe used to address the primary and secondary problems of yourclient. Explain how each of these techniques or principles would beapplied in the counseling session and the expected outcome of each.Given what you know about your client’ssituation, identify one cultural issue that is significant in theclient’s life outside of therapy or could become an issue betweenthe client and therapist in the therapy session. After explainingthe issue, explain two ways the therapist could sensitivelyaddress this cultural issue with the client in a way that that avoidsstereotyping or bias. Remember to integrate your chosen theoryinto the discussion.If you were to see this client on an ongoingbasis, describe the types of change or outcomes you couldrealistically expect to see in your client, in light of theprimary and secondary problems mentioned earlier using your identifiedapproach in therapy. Be specific and show how the process oftherapy with this counseling approach would lead to the outcomesyou discuss. Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12 point,Times New Roman font with normal one-inch margins, written in APA style,and free of typographical and grammatical errors.  It should include atitle page with a running head, an abstract and a reference page. Thebody of the paper should be 6 – 8 pages in length. Submit your responseto the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Wednesday, January 8, 2014.  Assignment 2 Grading Criteria and Respective Point ValueMaximum PointsDescribe the client’s most significant problem from the profile/video and provide the rationale.20Describe two secondary problems from the client’s profile/video and provide the rationale.24Describe the assumptions the selected theory makes about the possible cause or origin of the primary problem.28Explainat least three counseling techniques or core principles from theselected theory that could be applied in the counseling session toaddress the primary and secondary problems of the client and theexpected outcome of each.32Identifyone cultural issue that is significant in the client’s life outside oftherapy or could become an issue in counseling. Discuss two ways tosensitively address the issue to avoid stereotyping or bias whileintegrating the selected theory into the discussion. 28Describethe types of changes or outcomes that would be realistic to expect inthe client over a period of time, in light of the primary and secondaryproblems mentioned earlier, given the counseling approach selected.24Style (4 points):  Tone, Audience, Word ChoiceOrganization (12 points): Introduction, Transitions, ConclusionUsage and Mechanics (12 points): Grammar, Spelling, Sentence structureAPA Elements (16 points):Attribution, Paraphrasing, Quotations44Total: 200Please let me know if you have any questions.Thanks Joyfull1

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