Assignment #2: Oral Language JPA

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1) Visit the CPALMS (Links to an external site.) website.

  • Click on the Standards tab at the top of the page
  • Select English Language Arts to access the pull down grade list.
  • Select the grade level you are interested in.
  • Click on the Strand pull down menu and then click again on the Cluster pull down menu. This will give you access to the specific standards (identified by the long, vertical darker blue rectangular boxes).
  • Read through and select one of the Common Core standards that deal with speaking and listening.

2) Create a Joint Productive Activity for the grade level you selected that gives the students the opportunity to practice the speaking and/or listening Common Core standard you selected. An example of a JPA can be found in the text on page 72 and 73.

3) For your activity, include the following:

  • Title of your activity
  • Objective of activity
  • Speaking or Listening Common Core Standard (from CPALMS) this activity covers
  • Steps students need to take to complete this activity
    • Be specific and detailed
    • Organize steps in a numerical list
  • Identify two ways this activity promotes the practice of oral language skills


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