Assignment Emergency PlanYouve seen how an emergency pla

Assignment: Emergency PlanYou’ve seen how an emergency plan works and learned why having one is a good idea. Now it’s time to create your own! Use the form to help you fill in the correct information. Make sure you submit your assignment once it is complete. Your assignment will be graded based on the rubric.Out-of-Town Contact Name: Telephone Number:E-mail:Neighborhood Meeting Place: Telephone Number:Fill out the following information for each family member and keep it up-to-date.Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Identify Potential Problems: Make a list of potential emergency situations in your area.1.___________________________________________________________________2.___________________________________________________________________3.___________________________________________________________________4.___________________________________________________________________5.___________________________________________________________________Home Escape Routes: Make a list of each of the emergency home escape routes your family may need to use.1.___________________________________________________________________2.___________________________________________________________________3.___________________________________________________________________4.___________________________________________________________________5.___________________________________________________________________Home Safety: In the space below, make a home safety inspection schedule. Indicate the tasks that need to be completed, who will be completing them, and when they need to be done.

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