Assignment Preparation&nbspActivities include completing the a

Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the article review,independent student reading, and research. Review thearticle, ‘The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy,’from Harvard Business Review. Assignment: Thearticle ‘The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy,’ from HarvardBusiness Review, presents a comprehensive view of how five majorcompetitive forces shape the industry and strategic planning of businesses.Each force has specific ways that shape competition, which may influencestrategy.Prepare and present a 5 to 7 slide PowerPoint presentation on therelationship between IT and a company’s competitive advantage or strategy. Addan additonal 3 slides for the introduction, conclusion and references.Identify and briefly describe fivespecific areas where IT represents a risk to a company’s competitiveadvantage. Identify and briefly describe fivespecific areas in which IT may support or promote a company’s competitiveadvantage. Select a disadvantage you identified,and provide a detailed scenario of how it would occur and what steps mightbe taken to reduce the risk.Select an advantage youidentified and provide a detailed scenario of how it could be leveraged toimprove a company’s competitive advantage.

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