Assignment#1a short paper comparing and contrasting the Bil

Assignment:#1a short paper comparing and contrasting the Bill of Rights found the United StatesConstitution (Amendments I-X) to the Bill of Rights in the Republic of SouthAfrica’s Constitution.  Length:500words-approximately 2 pages (double-spaced in either Times New Roman 14-pointfont or Courier New 12-point font.)Description:Thepurpose of this assignment is to examine the United States Bill of Rights incomparison to the more recently enacted South African Bill of Rights. Yourresearch plan should consider the historical context in which both documentsemerged with the objective of a better understanding of the United States Billof Rights in both a historical context and its modern development.In writing thisassignment, you should consider: 1) what features of South Africa’s Bill ofRights do you find compelling? and 2) would you recommend any changes to theUnited States Bill of Rights based on your review of South Africa’s Bill ofRights?Sources: HYPERLINK ‘’ l ‘.VfAt7hHBwXA’ Gateway to South African Constitution HYPERLINK ‘’ BBC Analysis HYPERLINK ‘’ The Constitution of South Africa HYPERLINK ‘’ United States Constitution

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