AssignmentThis assignment gives you the opportunity notonly

AssignmentThis assignment gives you the opportunity notonly to show that you understand source material but also to express what youthink about the ideas it includes. The audience for this summary-responsecomprises your classmates and me, but it is always helpful when writing asummary-response to think of readers that may not have read the original text.By imagining an uninformed reader, you will be sure to include sufficientinformation in your summary. You may respond to the source text in a variety ofways. In class, we discussed using personal experiences and reactions;evaluating the currency, thoroughness, and reliability of the sources; andexamining the internal logic of the source. You may incorporate other sourcesas part of your response. For this assignment, you will be summarizing andresponding to “The FeministAgenda of Vampire Slaying” from the coursepack(pages 95-103).OrganizationBegin your essay with a summary of the sourcetext. Provide a general idea of what the source is about and the points youintend to address in your response. Avoid including any extraneous material.The summary should be no longer than a page; it may be briefer. Place yourthesis statement at the end of the summary or at the beginning of the response.After reading your thesis statement, your audience should be able to predictthe form and content of the rest of your essay. Your response should be one totwo pages in length. It should include reasons and details that support yourthesis statement. In your conclusion, tie together the main points of youressay, relate them to the thesis, and discuss any implications of yourconclusion. Works CitedInclude a works cited entry, on a separate page, for anysource you use.Submission RequirementsStaple the following to the back of your paper,in the order specified: o Previous drafts and peer-review sheets o Preparatorywork (function statements) o This assignment sheet Grading Criteria: Your paperwill be graded according to the criteria on the following page. Plagiarism willresult in a failing grade for the paper and perhaps for the course as well.CriteriaPointsSUMMARY___ The summary refers to the author and titleof the source.___ The summary refers to the main idea, question, or problemdiscussed.___ The source is summarized responsibly and purposefully./10RESPONSE: THESIS AND CONCLUSION___ The thesis statement responds to thematerial summarized and serves as a governing idea for the rest of thepaper.___ The conclusion ties together main points and relates them to thethesis. When appropriate, implications of the conclusion are also discussed./10RESPONSE: KEY POINTS AND CONVINCING DETAILS___ Key points are presented logically. (Be sureto make every step of your reasoning clear.)___ Key points are supported by convincingdetails./10COMPLETENESS AND FORMATTING___ Source material is cited according to MLAguidelines. ___ A works-cited entry is provided.___ The paper is formattedaccording to MLA guidelines.___ Submission requirements are met.___ Apeer-review has been completed./10EDITING AND PROOFREADING___ The writing employs words and sentencestructures appropriate to the demands of the rhetorical situation. ___ Theessay is coherent and unified.___ The essay is free of proofreading errors.Review the following chapters inHarbraceEssentials:apostrophe (17)fragment(2)pronoun-antecedent agr.(5c)semicolon(16)capitalization(21)fused sentence(3)pronoun reference (5d)subject-verb agreement(4f)colon(16)modifier(6)quotation marks (18)verb form or tense(4a-c)comma (15)parallelism (9)relating sent. parts(7d)spelling(20)/10TOTAL: Because this assignment is worth 150points, the raw score is multiplied by three.NO. PAGES -2 WORDS 550 (APPROX)

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