Assignmnet One: 6 pages, Assignment two: 2 pages

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Assignment One:

Individual Writing Assignment (10% of semester grade40% of portfolio)

Each student will answer three questions (below) in the category they have chosen by

group consens within their Country Group. (1-2 typed pages per question.

Country: Morocco

Making of the State

1. What has been the single most influential historical event or factor in this country’s political development?

Representation and Participation

Which system of political participation (directive or pluralist) best describes this

country’s political system?

What party system (one, two or multi) is used in this country?Identify the main

political parties and give a sentence or two description of each. Which model of

elections does this country use?

What is the structure and real power of the legislature?

Assignment two:

Analytical Essays

You will complete two analytical essays, one after Unit I and one after Unit II. For each essay you will select an article from The Economist Magazine that was published within the time frame of that unit and directly applies to the Country you selected to study as part of our Country Report(see below).The article must be current with and must be properly cited in the paper. You will then write a 2-page analysis demonstrating how the article relates to your Country and identifying course ideas and concepts for the unit reflected in


Relate how this is impacting Morocco and their QOL


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