At this point, you are ready to execute the next phase in sy

At this point, you are ready to execute the next phase in system development life cycle (SDLC), which is the design phase. Exploiting the research that you have performed on the set of modeling tools, document the design for the application project that you selected. AssignmentFor this assignment, you will use Visio Software Application to develop the design employing the following computer-aided software engineering (CASE) modeling tools:Use case Functional decomposition diagram Entity-relationship (E-R) diagram, data flow diagram (DF), or class diagram Sequence diagram Mock-up or storyboard of the user interface screens The project deliverables are as follows:Update the System Requirements, Design, and Implementation Specification title page with new date. System or Application Design Develop a high-level use case to represent the application as a whole. Develop a functional decomposition diagram to show all of the functions that the system or application will support. Develop an E-R diagram, class diagram, or a data flow diagram that effectively represents the data that are required for your application or system. Develop a sequence diagram to represent the timing of various activities within the application or system. Develop a mock-up or storyboard for the high-level interface screens. RandleKuhn_IT425_IP1.docx

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