Augmented Reality and App briefWe are setting up a small cha

Augmented Reality and App briefWe are setting up a small charity style business and we needto work with an AR application to handle 20 different images per day from usersvia a browse/upload on our site. Images (which become triggers) need to be bulkuploaded onto an AR application database in our own channel, poss cloud orlocal, with a unique overlay image attached to each trigger image.We need our own branded app that simply opens the AR reader (nota ‘take pic’ version, must be recognition) in Android and Apple (we don’t mindif the application branding appears on the reader). The user then points theopen reader app at the real life trigger in their remote location and launchesthe overlay on their Smartphone or equivalent devices.We can afford to pay very little for each trigger or scan, ideallyit should be free. If a package has a GPS facility this would be ideal. Thereare standard packages out there that will achieve this, but we need a developer/youto set up the app (graphic design already exists) and use an applications ‘SDK’.We would like to use Aurasma but there are too manyrestrictions so that’s a no go equivalent. Some other potential packages mightbe Vuforia, Layar, Metaio, Junaio to name just a few. For even more:­ need to be up and running in 10 days.We need to ensure you understand the environment and havegood experience with examples. NB We are notasking you to build the facility just set us up via SDK and build simple app.

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