BA 2300ExcelAssignment 1SS 2016Beginby opening the Superbowl

BA 2300ExcelAssignment 1SS 2016Beginby opening the Superbowl dataset which is on Blackboard under the Content/Exceltab.Usethe handout provided in class as a model for format.1.  Using the PivotTable tool in Excel (InsertPivotTable), create a Frequency Distribution (counts) of losing teams which issorted from most to least losses for the 50 year history of the game.   2.   UsePivotTable to create a Frequency Distribution of the losing teams’ points scored.  The table should be grouped into 5-pointclasses starting at 0 and the data should be expressed as % of total.3.  Show the mean, standard deviation, andskewness of the data in the Winning Margin column of the spreadsheet.4.  Use the Excel ‘vlookup’ function to displaythe winning team, losing team, and winning margin for the 1990 game.5.  Use Excel’s graphing function to create abar chart (Column) for the data in the frequency distribution of #2 above.   The chartshould be titled “Loser’s Points Scored” and the vertical axis should belabeled “% of Total.”Yoursolutions to the problems should be put together on a single spreadsheetseparate from the dataset.  When you havecompleted the problems, print the spreadsheet showing the results.  Use at least 11-point type.  You should be able to fit everything on onepage (please print in ‘Portrait’format).  Make sure to put your name on the printout.

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