Bad News Letter Conference Hotel Changes Business Communication Class

It is a business communication class.

Conference Hotel Changes

You manage a large hotel that is used by organizations and businesses for meetings and conferences. A recent storm has damaged part of your hotel, which means that you have fewer rooms available for meetings. You now have nearly 20 percent fewer guest rooms for conference participants and four less meeting rooms for smaller sessions. You estimate that room repairs will take nearly a month, but the Association of Intercultural Studies is scheduled to arrive for a three-day conference in two weeks and has booked all the rooms. Now there are not enough rooms for the conference.

Required: As manager of the hotel, write a letter to the meeting manager for the association. Tell the manager the bad news regarding the damage to the rooms and provide an alternative of using rooms at a nearby hotel.

-Your writing follows a sophisticated organizational pattern that demonstrates full knowledge of the topic. The topic is also linked to the intended audience. The writing has minimal disruptive grammatical errors.

-Your position and demonstration of competency exhibits sophisticated thought.

– Explains reasoning behind the letter fully, directly, and concisely. Avoids letterese.

-Explains all essential information for action fully, directly, and concisely. Avoids letterese.

– conveys information politely. Reader is pleased to be rejected in this manner.

– Uses a correct letter format, including heading, body, and signature

– No errors in usage, including spelling

-Please follow the steps correctly. I will upload some pictures


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