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Based on these information from a resume  : Bachelorof Science in Interdisciplinary Studies    August 2016Emphases in CommunicationDisorder, Health Profession, and Finance GPA3.30Arab Open University, SaudiArabia Diploma in SpecialEducation   June 2009SKILLS/CERTIFICATIONSComputer Languages:  HTMLApplications:  Expert in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint. Excel.Certifications:  CPRFluent in Arabicand English Work Experience  Treasures of Science, Saudi Arabia     Summer 2010·  Volunteered as a teacher for kids withautizm for three months ·  Read to childrenand taught them how to write letters ·  Improved thesocial communication ·  Supportedchildren’s emotional behavier     Akhladfor Gifts and Toys, Saudi Arabia    Summer 2009  Cashier·  Accountant and customer service·  Tookorders, calculated charges, and processed billing or payments· Handled the customer’sproblems and proposed some solutions·  Assisted customers in making a decisionabout a product to buyplease write an  action plan paper For your action plan, you will describe in essayformat the following:1.  Yourultimate career goal2.  Atimeline and plan to accomplish your career goal (see “Set Goals” under Creating an Action Plan in your text)3.  Theresources you will use to accomplish your career goal (see “Identify YourResources” under Creating an Action Planin your text)

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