Being new to a place is challenging. The list below includes

Being new to a place is challenging. The list below includessome provocative discussions related to the events in this unit’s reading andrelated to being new to the United States.For this assignment, you will write two journal entries thatreflect on Parts 1 and 2 below. The total length of your journal assignmentmust be a minimum of three pages in length, with each journal entry being atleast one page.(For example, this means that you could have one journal beone page and the other be two pages, each could be one and a half pages, orsome other means by which each is at least one page in length and your totaloverall pages total three.)The journals will need to reflect your understanding of thetime period and need to avoid being anachronistic. (Remember that this termloosely means to apply today’s values or perspectives on the past.)You will need to develop an argument within both journalentries based on the bulleted items below. In your own words, justifyacademically the side of the argument you choose, remembering to cite yoursources along the way.Part 1 Are you treated as an equal by earlier generationsresiding here?o What are others’ attitudes toward you?o Why do you think they act this way? Would you feel pressured to pledge your loyalty to apolitical machine? Would you agree to engage in a strike? Talk about some leisure opportunities and how they aredivided by race or class or are for everyone.Part 2 What is the “American dream?” What did this “dream” look like for immigrants coming tothe United States after the Civil War was over? Explain which leisure opportunities could be part of theAmerican dream. What part did the anti-immigration sentiment play in theAmerican dream?As this is a point of view essay, a modern perspective willnot accurately address what the question is asking for. No plagiarism

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