bilingual advantage and bilingual disadvantage

This assignment is related to the specific case study about the bilingual advantage debate. The students critically compare two influential research papers on the bilingual advantage amongst which one in favour and one against the existence of this advantage, and they write a synthesis report about this comparison. Each student group chooses two papers from a list (see below), one from each category (in favour or against) and each group compares a unique set of papers. This means that in case two student groups have chosen the same set of papers, only the group that was first can keep that set of articles; the other group must choose another set. Each group writes one paper in which they compare two research articles.
he second page contains a 300-word abstract (minimum number of words = 250) in which the group summarises the main findings of their critical comparison. The main body of the paper starts on page three. Pages should be numbered.
4Regarding layout, these are the guidelines: alignment = left. Font = Times New Roman, 12. Line spacing = 1.5. First line indentation. Do not add space between paragraphs of the same style.Each paper ends with a reference list. In-text references and reference list should be formatted according to APA (6thedition) guidelines. Please check Students are invited to use Endnote for editing and management of citations (not obligatory).Each group receives a score out of 20 on the final paper submitted through Canvas. After submission, students are invited for anonymous peer assessment of themselves and the other group members through Buddycheck. Individual grades may be rounded up or down (max. 3 points out of 20) as a result of peer assessment.All papers will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin. Plagiarism will be penalised with a null score for the paper, and will be reported to the dean.


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