BIO375- Conservation Biology Essay question

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Expecting to be about 2 pages. I have attached a few materials that have been used during this unit and may be helpful to use. Question is: Biodiversity is declining rapidly on the earth. Informed estimates suggest that the current extinction rate is 10-100 times greater today, due to human impacts on the environment, than the natural background rate of extinction. In this course, we have explored the idea of preserving biodiversity from a variety of approaches and disciplines, including biology, politics, economics and religion. Politicians often ignore recommendations from the scientific community (or worse, misrepresent scientific findings), and economists argue that the cost of preserving biodiversity would cripple economic progress. Religious leaders increasingly are admonishing us to preserve God’s creations. Synthesize what you’ve learned into an essay that offers your best solution to the problem of maintaining biodiversity. Is there a common ground?


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