BIOLOGY MAJOR Needed for Exam

Need help with my Biology question – I’m studying for my class.

I am needing someone to log into my account and complete by Exam 1

The Exam will consist of 3 parts that have to be taken in 1 sitting

Part 1- 45 multiple choice questions with a 30 min timeframe

Part 2-45 multiple choice questions with a 30 min timeframe

Part 3- This is an essay question on Cellular Respiration. This is a broad topic and would need to perform a specific essay question on anything related to Cellular Respiration in a 20 minutes timeframe.

A high level overview of the exam would consist of:

Basic Concepts and Themes in the Study of Biology

Chemical Foundations of Life

Cell Structure and Function

Cell Membrane Structure and Function

Ground Rules of Metabolism

Cellular Respiration

I have also attached study guides that would give better insight to the areas of questions the test would pertain to


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