BOOK REVIEW &amp ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY&nbspYou need to submit to

BOOK REVIEW & ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY You need to submit to me the Annotated bibliography topic – MAYANS ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY You must produce an annotated bibliography on MAYANS. You are required to select topics and seek out bibliographic sources on one of these topics. Such as books, Journal and/or Magazine articles, Documentary videos, & Internet sources. The bibliography is expected to contain at least 10-15 sources but no more than 20 and conform to the Chicago Manual of Style (vol.15.). The annotated bibliography must have at least 7-10 print sources (i.e. books & articles) in it. You can access an example of how to write an annotated bibliography at this excellent online source at Cornell University! is a template of style for you to follow. In addition there are also other websites listed with links to access to further help with the expectations

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