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assignment will be to pick 2 competing brands and use the 6 Choice Criteria (memorability, meaningfulness, etc.) in this chapter to evaluate the brand identity of each. Take into account at least 6 brand elements (name, logo, etc.) for each brand and provide reasons for your point of view on the identity of each brand. You can use your project brands if it will help advance your project. This is INDIVIDUAL, not TEAM Quiz, but you can take your best info from teams and add to project under Brand Identity.

NOTE: This question asks for your POV. In the final project this section will include the results of your research, so you can add.

SUGGESTION: Base this quiz on one of your competitor brands and do the research on their brand identity. Use professional business language and the third person. This section will then be ready for your project!

IMPORTANT: There is an excellent student example of this quiz sitting in the beginning of Disc 4. Feel free to check out and use as template if desired. This is sometimes a confusing quiz for students–remember that it is IDENTITY elements not PRODUCT elements!

Turn in two separate files to me:

Imagine you are sitting in a room with two doors. When a knock sounds at each, the butler (!) announces that a particular brand is at one entrance to the room (e.g., Target), while another brand is at the other (e.g., Wal-Mart). Describe each brand in terms of what it would look like, what it would be wearing, what it would say when you went to the door, and what its reason for visiting was. This projective technique, when used in the context of pairs of brands, helps uncover different beliefs, knowledge, images and opinions that consumers hold. Either use your 2 competitor brands or use 2 favorite brands in the same product category. (8 points)


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