Briley Cosmetics Inc. Briley Cosmetics manufactures anddistr

Briley Cosmetics Inc. Briley Cosmetics manufactures anddistributes a wide range of skin care products. A recent order has arrived for10,000 cartons of face cream, 5,000 cases of body cream, and 15,000 cases ofhand cream. The manufacturing process consists of a two-stage procedure thatuses two types of raw materials (A and B). Briley’s monthly production capacity(first shift) is 15,000 labor-hours for stage 1 and 10,000 for stage 2. Thefirst shift hourly rates are $8.50 for stage 1 and $9.25 for stage 2. A secondshift is available with a 10% reduction in capacity and a 10% increase in wagerates. The cost for raw materials is $1/pound for Type A and $1.50/pound forType B. The manufacturing facility has available for the next production run200,000 pounds of Type A and 150,000 pound of Type B. The following tablesummarizes the resource requirements to produce each product.

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