Bulls Eye department store specializes in the sales of disco

Bulls Eye department store specializes in the sales of discountedclothing, shoes, household items, etc. similar to the offerings at aregular Walmart or Target. Bulls Eye is the only department store inShow Low and the nearest other discount retailer is Target, located 49miles away in Eagar. Bulls Eye, therefore, has some market power in itslocal area. Despite having some market power, Bulls Eye is currentlysuffering losses. An analyst at Bulls Eye is recommending to the managerto raise prices, so that profitability can be improved. The manager isunsure of this strategy as recent data points to increasing numbers ofindividuals shopping more and more. What are the pros and cons ofraising the prices at Bulls Eye and would that strategy be profitable?Guided Response:Consider demand elasticity and market structure in your response. How isincreasing of the price going to impact the company’s revenues givenits demand elasticity? In 300 words or more, please, provide yourresponse to the above discussion questions

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