Bullying Please respond to the followingFrom the first e-A

Bullying’ Please respond to the following:From the first e-Activity, describe at least three types of bullying behavior as observed by researchers. Explain gender differences in bullying.Identify three to five different ways of dealing with bullies and suggest the most effective methods for handling them. View the Student Video Activity entitled “Bullying” (SVA is approximately 30 minutes.)’Play’ Please respond to the following:From the second e-Activity, compare and contrast at least five different types of play described in the video.Analyze the benefits of the different types of play, and propose an intervention to encourage greater sophistication and complexity in the play of hypothetical children.View the Student Video Activity (SVA) entitled “Children At Play ‘ (SVA is approximately 15 minutes.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQNfvySIBP8

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