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1. A firewall provides ________.

a.privacy protection

b. the connection of stations in a LAN

C. Protection from electrical surges

D. Internet access

2. A ________ is a “traffic switch” that determines which path on the network to send each message after it is tested against the firm’s security policy.

A. Blackberry

b. spam blocker

c. router

d. firewall

3. Anti-virus software puts viruses on computers.

a. false

b. true

4. For thousands of businesses, the Internet has not replaced the telephone, fax machine or standard mail as the primary communications tools.

a. true

b. false

5. Hackers break into computers, stealing personal information and company secrets, and launching attacks on other computers.

a. true

b. false

6. Hardware are programs that tell the computer how to function.

a. true

b. false

7. Information technology is improving ________.

a. small business

b. all of the above

c. big business

d. start up business

8. Intranets are usually accessible only to employees.

a. false

b. true

9. Keyboards, monitors, and printers are types of ________.

a. hardware

b. control

c. database

d. software

10. Networks and technology are leading to ________.

a. all of the above

b. simpler structures

c. greater customer satisfaction

d. leaner companies with fewer employees

11. Not only is IT improving existing businesses, it is creating entirely new businesses where none existed before.

a. false

b. true

12. Sally received an e-mail message that offered her free software to help her count calories. This e-mail message could be ________.

a. any of the above

b. spam

c. Trojan horse

d. an attempt to attach spyware to her computer

13. Spam is junk e-mail sent to a mailing list or a newsgroup (an online discussion group).

a. true

b. false

14. Spyware is a program unknowingly downloaded by users that monitors their computer activities, gathering e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, and other information that it transmits to someone outside the host system.

a. false

b. true

15. Wal-Mart regards its information as a private resource. What is meant by “private resource”?

a. as asset that is planned, developed, and protected

b. as asset with limited applicability

c. an asset that will decrease in value

d. an asset not intended for anyone’s benefit

16. Wal-Mart uses ________ to sift through incoming information.

a. networks

b. the internet

c. all of the above

d. communications technologies

17. Where is Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity service, most likely to be found?

a. airport terminals

b. hotels

c. coffee shops

d. at any of these “hotspots”

18. _______ is the fastest growing crime in the United States.

a. Phishing and pharming

b. Wireless mooching

c. identity theft

d. Car-jacking


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