By the end of theexperiment the result of the three trials w

By the end of theexperiment the result of the three trials was relatively close. Butthe hot water alone had the highest temperature. This trial howeverhad faster cooling rate(along with the third trial) than the secondtrail which had water added to it after 2 minutes. If I was to addcream to my coffee, I would add it early or before I go somewhere soI can have the warmest possible coffee. I can conclude this becauseaccording to the three trials, cold water added at 2 min had highertemperature than the one added at 12 min after 15 minutes ofmeasuring. As seen in the data, when cold water was added after twominutes, the temperature greatly decreased but afterwards the rate ofcooling was slow. On the contrary when water was added after 12 min,the temperature was already low and continued to decrease ending upwith the lowest temperature from the three trials. I chose time to be theindependent variable. I did this because had control over timethrough out the experiment. I could change time and measure thetemperature based on that time I chose. This makes temperature thedependable variable. The value I get from measuring the temperatureis something I can’t manipulate. The value I obtain depends on whattime I measured it.

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