Can someone assist me with the following assignment. All the

Can someone assist me with the following assignment. All the assignment is below. You can pick a subjuct but if possible can I request the topic be about How changes to marriage and family will change American society. If possible. If not, no worries.Course ProjectProject Proposal and OutlineThe written assignment this week is the Proposal and Outline for your Course Project.The project is a research essay in APA format that focuses on one of the topics below regarding current trends and future predictions.Changes must happen in both human eating habits and food cultivation if the human race is to survive.The European Union will, or will not, last another decade.If lobbying and campaign finance in the U.S. are not reformed, American democracy is doomed.How changes to marriage and family will change American society.How social media, Web sharing, and/or similar trends on the Internet will affect social and personal behaviors.What changes must happen because of the interaction between the world’s growing population and decreasing natural resourcesOnce you have chosen your topic, you will need to do a little research on it to find information useful for your final essay. Then, you will need to create a document that includes the following parts.Preliminary Thesis: A sentence stating the point about the topic that your essay will argue.Issue Summary: A one-paragraph review of the issue stating something about its history and describing the major controversies.Preliminary Essay Outline: A formal outline indicating what arguments will be used and their likely order in the paper.References List: A list of at least five potential sources for your subject in APA form.An example of a proposal is in Doc Sharing.Your submission should be about two to three pages, double-spaced.Write your Proposal and Outline in a Word document and save it with a filename SurnameProposalWeek5.docx.For example, King Kong would name his KongProposalWeek5.docx.

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