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Can someone help me with this University of Phoenix MaterialSociological Group MatrixSchaefer (2011) defines a group as “any number of people with similar norms, values, and expectations who interact with one another on a regular basis” (p. 111). Complete the Social Group Matrix by identifying and describing the relationship between yourself and the members of any social group you are a part of.Group descriptionIdentify the group.Social group or organizationDescribe the function of the social group.Authority and hierarchyDescribe authority and hierarchical patterns within the group.Social patternsDescribe social patterns you might find within the group, and explain their social significance.ConflictsDescribe any conflicts within the group.Role of languageExplain the role of language, and describe the components of nonverbal communication in the group.Symbols meaningful to groupDescribe and explain symbols that are meaningful to the group.Norms, sanctions, and valuesDescribe the norms, sanctions, and values of the social group.Status within groupDescribe what status you hold in the group.Social role within groupDescribe the social roles you perform in the group.Sociological perspectiveSuggest which major sociological, theoretical perspective would be most appropriate for future study of your social group. Why?ReferenceSchaefer, R. T. (2011). Sociology: A brief introduction (9th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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