Can you please answer these questions please.&nbsp&nbsp 6)What det

Can you please answer these questions please.   6)What details early in the story foreshadow, or a hint at, Miss Strangeworth’s secret?7)What?reason can you propose for Miss Strangeworth’s unexpected actions?8)What does ”The Possibility of Evil” suggest about the contradictions and incongruities of human nature?9)How does Jackson use the realistic details of the roses to build up Miss Strangeworth’s character and then to tear it down?10) How believable do you find this story? What details make this story realistic or unrealistic for you?11)Three types of irony function in this story:situational,verbal,and dramatic.Give an example of each one.12)In what way does the story’s title reflect the ironies in the story itself?13)Details in the setting, the time and place if the story, contribute to the story’s irony. Explain why those details are ironic

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