Case &nbspYou have been asked by a business director (BD) to a

Case:  You have been asked by a business director (BD) to attend a strategy meeting.  The business wants to expand into India.  The BD states that he’s heard of the law called the FCPA. He wants to know what it is and does it impact his efforts to develop business in India? Please respond in a memo to the BD.  His name is Will Block. Your memo should be thorough and provide an overview of the FCPA and the risks presented in India.( At least 3 pages and half)Requirements: 1. Paper in Times New Romance 12 and double space.2. Please list the work citations and put the work citation numbers in the paragraph.For example, ………(1)1. Work citation3. It must contain at least 3 pages and half, the work citation should be on the fifth page or others.

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