Case Study 2 – Walmart

This is your second case study assignment out of four. For this assignment, you will need to access the full-length case study you have been assigned at the top of this page within your Case Studies eText. You are required to read and analyze this case study.

Your analysis must:

  • List in bullet format:
    • Resources
    • Capabilities
    • Core Competencies
  • Discuss and describe the business strategy currently being used by the company (minimum of 1 page)
  • Provide a total of four findings of fact; 1 from the following four functional areas of business:
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Finance or Accounting
    • Business Ethics
  • Provide a full justification and recommendation for each finding of fact (minimum of 1 page each)


Your justification/recommendation section should be relevant and aligned with your FOF.  For example, if your FOF says something about your company expanding too fast and they don’t have the infrastructure to support such rapid growth, your justification/recommendation should be focused on that.  If you include comments about the ‘history of their logo’, that is probably NOT relevant to the FOF. You can say a lot, and it might all be true, but the information in the justification/recommendation section needs to pertain to the problem/issue identified in the FOF. 

One last comment.  Concerning the FOF and justification/recommendation sections, it’s important to clearly mark each section so I can tell when one part stops and the other part begins.  If you don’t separate the Findings of Fact (FOF) from the justification/recommendation section, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to tell when the FOF stops and the justification/recommendation section begins.  Please use the below format.


Finding of Fact #1:

Justification/recommendation for FOF #1:

Finding of Fact #2:

Justification/recommendation for FOF #2:

Finding of Fact #3:

Justification/recommendation for FOF #3:

Finding of Fact #4:

Justification/recommendation for FOF #4:


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